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Friday, January 8, 2010

Company Girl Coffee ~ 1/8/10

Welcome!  I have been out of the blogging habit.  I guess it’s easier to hang out on Facebook.  Has it been a great week at Home Sanctuary or WHAT?!  What hit home for each of you?  For me, the Minimum Maintenance was perfect.  It goes hand in hand with the Messy Perfectionism article that followed the next day.  I am a perfectionist.  I like things done right.  And often, if I don’t have time to do it “right”, I will just not do it.  Minimum Maintenance gives me the permission to spend 5 minutes in an area.  No more, no less.  Do you know how much I can accomplish in a 5 minute period?!  My master bedroom looked waaay better (OK, my ‘half’, anyway!) after 5 minutes.  It got me on board to continue making small changes, all as I head toward the perpetual goal of creating Sanctuary in my home.

As with many other Americans this first full week in January, I am DIETING.  It is time…and a new and different mindset about this…so I’m hopeful.  Next week I add exercise to the routine.  Basically I’ve cut out sugar and flour.  No big surprise that those are my two favorite food groups. :oP  As I do without those things, my tastebuds and cravings change and fruits and vegetables are getting more popular than cookies.  Well, almost.  ;o)

Have a blessed week – thanks for stopping by!



carikaufm said...

Those two days definitely hit home for me! I have been working at minimum maintenance each day and about to go get on it...I wonder how much I can get done with the kids working with me? Well here we go!

my home sanctuary said...

My first time for coffee. I loved this weeks simple things. They were great too. I especially enjoyed the "doing half". It was great getting a couple of tasks done and not being a perfectionist. That one hit home with me. I tend to not do because I can't do. LOL. I am glad you had a good week. Good luck on the diet.

Anonymous said...

I know...FB is so much easier...I heard twitter is even easier, but I not sure about going that route. I love to write, even if sometimes my thoughts don't come out exactly how I want them to once it on paper or on the screen.

Good luck with your goals for the year! See you over on FB! =p

Anonymous said...

Flylady does something similar called the five minute room rescue and it really DOES make a difference!!
Happy cleaning!

bashtree said...

Minimum maintenance is what hit home for me this week. It's been a big help in feeling like I'm making progress - real, visible progress.

One More Equals Four said...

I am definitely a messy perfectionist so I loved that.

I love the sugar and flour foods too, havent' quite reached the point where I crave fruits and veggies instead, ugh!

Michelle said...

Hi Cheryl, missed visiting with you on Fridays. Glad you're back. Funny, I have a facebook, but don't frequent it as often as I do blogs. I too am wanting to start dieting, but need to get that mindset. If you have any pointers, I'd love the help! Have a good week! Michelle

LydiaCate said...

I vote Minimum Maintenance too! Messy perfectionist is totally me! That day threw me off though. I think because I've enjoyed SO much actually completing tasks that I felt like I was taking steps backwards. I just cannot stand the messy perfectionist in me.

So glad that you've made it to craving fruits and vegies! You are off to a great start in 2010.

Love chatting here and on FB!

Anna said...

I like the minimum maintenance, too, and the timer worked great for the kids. All of us have trouble focusing and completing a task, but we made it into a race. I did dishes while they cleaned their rooms. It's amazing how much you can really do in a focused 5 minutes.
Good luck with the diet and exercise!

secondofwett said...

Good Luck with the diet...I'm afraid I'm a hopeless cause when it comes to cutting out things that are my Pepsi..:0). On minimum maintenance day it did give me the shove I needed to give my bathroom a once over....before I ran out the another appt...if I could just get rid of the appts then maybe I'd accomplish something...or not! :0)