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Friday, April 24, 2009

Company Girl Coffee ~ April 24, 2009


Thanks for stopping by. I've got fresh Starbuck's coffee and several different syrups. No pastries, as I am really trying to get back to eating right. I do NOT want to go to Hawaii in June looking like I do right now. :o(

My week has been busy with: working on senior pictures with Layne; work, sewing Binky Patrol ( quilt tops; and...hmm. It's been a really busy week, but I can't quite think of anything substantial that I have to show for it. Sometimes it seems like I'm spinning my wheels and not doing anything with an eternal value. Like dieting, it's time for a new beginning with everything I do...

Like the rest of the nation, I have been enchanted by Susan Boyle's beautiful voice. It's doubtful there are any left who haven't seen the clip, but just in case:

I hope everyone has a blessed week. Make the most of every opportunity!


Praying today for: D.M. (congestive heart failure, hospice); C.A. (car accident earlier this week); T.J. (young mother whose entire body is septic and she is in critical condition); M.G. (11 year old girl hit by a car, critical condition).


Anonymous said...

I've heard Susan's beautiful voice, but it's frustrating how the media is treating her. Like, it's this huge shock how a woman who doesn't measure up to our impossible beauty standards can sing so wonderfully.

One More Equals Four said...

Believe it or not...while I have heard of Susan Boyle, I have not heard her sing! I'll have to go check her out (the link didn't work for me).

This reminds me of a year or so ago, I think on the same program where the man (a salesman) I think went on the same show and said he would sing opera. The judges kind of snickered and told him to go on and by the end of the song, they were in tears and the man got a standing ovation...he was phenomenal. It just proves that our standards of beauty are so wrong. How I wish we could all see us as Christ does!

Dani said...

I agree with Riot Wife up there...why do people think that only beautiful people should be talented...crazy. Oh, in Miss CA's case...that beautiful shouldn't have their own opinions and convictions...also, crazy. BTW, what are binky quilts? I tried to click on the picture, but could open the link.

mholgate said...

She does have a beautiful voice. Did you see that they gave her a "makeover"? While I think that must have been nice for her, I am glad that she clearly had enough self-esteem and talent in the first place not to be concerned with what she looked like on the outside.

Have a happy weekend! :)

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, don't get me started on Miss California! unfair.

Or Jamie Foxx's comments that got him little more than a hand slap.

But I have determined not to talk about divisive politics online so I will stop there. After I mention how much I hate The View (except for Elizabeth).

Cheryl, I love how you have your prayer list posted. It makes me stop and read each one and send up a prayer for them as well. Somehow, you have never run out of people to pray for. You are a sweet, sweet soul.

Love Susan Boyle's story. I hope she gets her due. She deserves it....what a beautiful talent!

Anonymous said...

hawaii! which island? multitasking by commenting and watching a dvd all at one time so i'll watch the video later...i have heard her voice yet, but i keep seeing headlines. have a lovely weekend.

secondofwett said...

You are going to Hawaii!!!!! You lucky duck you! Is it a special occasion?...besides just going to Hawaii...I mean and anniversary or something?

Mommahen said...

I can relate to your eating right struggles. I have begun such a feat, and learned I can not do it without God. I still stumble regularly, but I am learning to listen and OBEY when I hear Him telling me no, but it's still a work in progress. Or should I say that I'M still a work in progress?

Susan Boyle, isn't she lovely? I could listen to her sing forever. Thank you for the coffee.

MyJourneyBack said...

Thanks so much for coming to my blog for coffee. I loved visiting you. I know what you mean about eating and dieting. It is especially hard for me right now. Although I really enjoy salad we spend so much time outside in the evenings we eat way to late. And it is never salad. I will be praying for you and your upcoming trip. Many Blessings,