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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Apparently I'm antiquated.  I was watching Oprah today - a rare thing for me, but they were discussing teens and s-e-x.  They said that 1 in 5 teens will have sex by the time they are 15.  I don't know about your 15 year olds, but MY 15 year olds aren't even allowed to date.  This means they're not having sex.  That really goes for their friends, too.  The conversation centered around two 14 year old teens, freshmen in high school, who "love" each other and want to take that next step "because we've done everything but intercourse."  Much of the conversation dealt with preparing them for sex.  Oprah's friend, Gayle, piped in, saying that they are TOO YOUNG and that they shouldn't even be entertaining the idea.  AMEN, Gayle!  Oprah immediately called her thinking antiquated.  Sigh.  It is so disturbing to me that someone with so much influence will not use Biblical teachings as a basis.

I think I'll go pray for America's teens.  Again.


Diane said...

What is worse is that Oprah claims to be a Christian - she is doing more harm than good.

She's So There said...

And what shocked me into a new reality is that as a high school teacher watching children who were more open and candid...the sex wasn't happening only on dates...but in locker rooms, parking lots, church events in unused rooms and malls....folks who thought their children weren't at risk were almost doubly so, for that sometimes meant there were "second lives" their children sometimes had that their parents were toally unaware of! Startling concepts and one of the reasons we homeschool our youngest daughter...our oldest daughter affirmed the pressures to be sexual were constant as early as 12!
May we all pray continually for our youth! Loved your post, thank you!! We will agree in prayer that God give them wisdom and protect their hearts and bodies...will you join me?