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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The State of California recognizes Cesar Chavez's birthday (March 31) by giving its state employees the day off.  Um, Happy Cesar Chavez Day?  Funny.  They no longer recognize Abraham Lincoln's birthday or Christopher Columbus Day.  Why is this?

And why is it only acceptable to share liberal views?  Seems that those of us with conservative views get bashed for speaking up.  Of course, if I believe in the issues that go against the Bible, I am welcome to share them openly.  Why is this?

I think I'll stop my pondering now and go sew some Binkies.  Track meet this afternoon and it looks like we're going to have perfect weather for it.



Praying today for:  L, K, T, midterms; B, PET scan on Friday; N, seeing a specialist on Friday/ovarian mass.


Allison said...

Because our country is going to hell in an Easter basket. That's why.

But I didn't know Columbus Day was no longer a holiday. I thought the state just keeps adding holidays, and never removes them. Was that part of the budget deal?

Emily said...

I am from California. We've been living in Sicily for over two years and I feel so BLESSED to not know anything that is going on there. Ignorance is bliss. Another reason to love the military. :)