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Friday, January 30, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Where did the week go?  Seriously - how did it get to Friday already?  Oh how I love Mondays.  I start every week with such wonderful intentions.  I decide that "This is the week I will do every Home Sanctuary challenge!"  If you've had any interest in becoming a Company Girl, this is the time to do it!  Rachel Anne is holding our hands and teaching us home organization skills step by step.  Take a minute and go read this post and see what you think!  It's something that even I can do!  We'd love to have you join us.

I have been living 2009 as if it's my last year.  No, I'm not picking clothes to be buried in - but I AM looking at my "stuff" with new eyes.  What MESSES would I leaving behind for my family to deal with?  I know I have at least 100 yards of fabric.  Wouldn't they rather find completed quilts instead of a stash of fabric?  What about these skeins of yarn?  Maybe baby blankets for future grandchildren?  Do I really still need papers from the homeschooling days?  Notsomuch.  A dear friend is using this in her email signature line: 

Make it do; clean it out; use it up; do without! 

I think I've unofficially adopted this mentality.  With a 10% pay cut now approved for my husband, it's time to get creative and be careful about what we need to spend money on.


I sent copies of my blog to Macy*s in New York.  Funny how quickly I was contacted.  They *finally* sent me a bill.  It was even for the right month.  I even walked into our Macy*s and paid it.  With a check.  I was too lazy to go to the bank and request $39 worth of nickels.  Farewell, Macy*s.

Have a blessed weekend,



Dani said...

I'm glag Macy's got it together. I wonder what they thought of your sure would have been funny to pay in nickels, but I'm very happy you have it taken care of now :)

Carrie Padgett said...

I like the mindset: What am I leaving behind for others to deal with. That's why I clean house like crazy before any trip!

BTW, my cousin once paid a $1500 bill in ones because they told her her check was no good. She went to the bank, got cash, returned to the shop at 5:55 pm and said, "Oh, no problem, I'll wait while you count it and make me out a receipt." They came up $10 short the first time they counted, and $7 short the second time. By then the manager apologized, gave her a receipt and said her check was good any time. I don't think she ever went back.

Mrs.College Station said...

Thanks for the post on what we would be leaving our family if we weren't around. It definately puts many of the things that I have been hanging on too or the projects that are never finished into perspective You've lit a fire under me. So THANKS!! Love the story about your cuz, that's a classic and made me chuckle.
Have a great weekend,

secondofwett said...

There are many things that I have tht my kids already shudder at the thot of getting rid my teddy bear collection! Your post did make me think about the rest of the 'stuff' though! :0)

mholgate said...

It's Saturday morning and here I am with cup of coffee in hand and my two year old by my side. : )

First of all, glad the Macy's Saga is finally over for you. Thanks for the update. I don't shop there anyway because it's too expensive for my taste. Who would have thought that your blog would finally get them to get it together!

Also, I love your friend's signature line! Make it to; clean it out; use it up; do without! That's awesome! My husband didn't get a pay cut, but he did not get his cost of living raise this year. So we're pinching pennies too.

I can identify with the papers question. I am starting to wonder what REALLY needs to be saved. I mean, I have FIVE kids here! If I save every scrap of paper that they scribble on, homework, and projects, I will need another home just to store it in! : )


Anonymous said...

Where did the month go?

I was actually talking to Hubby about the whole "messes" thing the other if I died (not planning on it anytime soon), I wouldn't want my kids to have to go through junk. It's not what they would need to deal with. Sentimental "treasures" yes, junk, no.

Carol said...

You go girl-you are my hero.

One More Equals Four said...

You have inspired me to clean up soem messes...thanks! I am new to the Company Girl Coffee, I look forward to getting to know you better!

John and Sharon said...

You are so right about looking at things with new eyes! What is really important in life anyway? Surely not "things" we have around us that we end up not even seeing! YAHOO! on the Macy's saga too! :-)