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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'll preface my pictures by saying this week is Homecoming week at Clovis High.  Today is "80's Day" and the first day DD#2 decided to dress up.  Her favorite 80's look is her dad's practice football shirt, so she asked him to pull it out (yes, I make him keep his 'treasures' boxed up in a cabinet in the laundry room) so she could wear it.  Of course, this meant that Hubby felt the need to try it on.  (We go through this ritual every October - either for Homecoming week or Halloween.)  Because I have nothing else to blog about, I figured I'd share these lovely pictures.  Yes, they are rather frightening.  The resemblance is spooky.  It MUST be October.

ATT00015 (2)





OC Mom said...

She needs legwarmers!!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I know! We didn't have any (tho they ARE back in style and can be found at Payless Shoes!) and there was just no time to crochet a pair!

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Fun!! Soooo.. did I understand right? Terry tries his old shirt on every year too? If I could get a shirt on that I wore in the 80's It woudn't cover much and I surely wouldn't try it more than once! :-)

Nemo @ said...

Hehe... this is a cool ritual :p
Homecoming week sounds like fun in your house lol...

Hope you're having a special Sunday!