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Friday, October 10, 2008

Company Girl Coffee...come on in!

One day this week over at Home Sanctuary, Rachel Anne challenged us to pinch pennies.  I'm really pretty frugal (ok, cheap!) anyway, so this was an easy one for me.  On Tuesday, I took our 17yo daughter to the fair so she could photograph to her heart's delight.  Coming home, we stopped at the grocery store for a few necessities and I grabbed a $6 rotisserie chicken to make for a quick dinner.  When I got home, imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this was about the skinniest $6 chicken I'd ever seen.  I still needed it to feed 5 people though.  I carved it like a turkey (DD#3 can't stand "meat on a bone" anyway), served it with whole grain pilaf, veggies and salad, and looked at what was left of my carcass.  It was pretty scrawny.  Naked.  Empty.  And seemed worth the effort to boil down the next day.  Know what?  There was still meat left on that naked bird.  About 3 tablespoons of meat.  Hmm...again...the whole "Need to feed 5 people" came into play.  No problem!  Dump the last cup of chicken and rice from Tuesday's dinner in with those lonely 3 tablespoons of chicken and delicious, rich broth, add half a bag of frozen veggies, and we had delicious chicken soup for 5.  Not bad for a too-scrawny $6 bird!

Have a great weekend!



Michelle@Princess At Heart said...

Hi Cheryl!Thanks for stopping by to visit. It is very nice to meet you. I love meeting other moms! I loved your post on pinching pennies. Isn't it great when we can make food s-t-r-e-t-c-h? I am also trying to incorporate one meatless meal a week (usually pasta)Thanks for the encouragment!

PolkaDotMama said...

I just came over for coffee! :) I'm a new company girl, so I'm checking things out.
Don't you love how a chicken can stretttccchh? I'm always amazed.

Erin said...

I love stretching our meals, and creating new ones out of leftovers. Frugalness does not come easy for me, but I'm learning.

Sallie said...

Many of our meals end up looking like that if the kids go rummaging through the pantry too much :-)

Have a blessed weekend!