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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Overheard at a track meet yesterday:

Lady 1: "Did you hear about the new law they're making?"
Lady 2: "No, what now?"
Lady 1: "They're making it a law so you can't drive with a dog in your lap no more."
(Not, there is much I could say at this point, but I will refrain.)
Lady 2: "You're kidding! That's stupid. Next thing you know, they'll have car seats for dogs."
Lady 1: "They already do! But it doesn't hurt anything to have my dog in my lap when I'm driving. It's just stupid."

I had to turn away so my silent giggling would not get the best of me. Have you ever seen people driving with dogs in their laps? YES! It's quite possibly more distracting than driving while on the phone. But, you are surely relieved that "They're making a law so you can't do this no more." :o) I believe these women really have their thumb on the pulse of California politics and am certain we can all take their word for it.


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