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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random shots of the last week...

OK, I don't know who the growling girl is on the left (LOL), but found this pic on the camera after DD#2 borrowed it. This is #2 and her friends before a football game. Yes, the bright red lipstick is mandatory.
Hubby blowing out candles on his favorite - Texas Sheet Cake* - on his birthday 9/11 (yes, 9/11). Decided 3 candles would suffice. Our smoke detector is very sensitive. (*Recipe will be posted this week.)

Hubby & DD#3 before a local race. #3 placed 2nd in her age group!

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Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Cheryl.. I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them!! Do you ever eat lamb? I would love to share some of ours with you if you think you would enjoy it.. we LOVE pasture raised lamb.. it tastes nothing like the yucky stuff at the store. Let me know what you think... talk to you soon! Jeanette