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Monday, August 20, 2007

The sound of silence

I can't understand why my girls aren't still excited about my "1st day of school" pictures. This is an annual event - not torture I put them through every day or even every week.

Here are DD#3 and DD#4, bearing with me, though DD#3's smile tells it all. Lest you think I am also torturing them and making them dress alike, the t-shirts were required for them to wear as WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) leaders - 7th graders were to easily be able to pick out 8th grade leaders in case they needed help.

DD#2's picture ... well ... she was still about 45 minutes away from being ready, but I was rushed. Maybe I will try again tomorrow when she's actually done hair and make-up! Likewise with the t-shirt, upperclassmen leaders were to go early and do cheers to welcome kids back to school. She said everyone just looked at them like they were crazy. Isn't that what school spirit is all about, anyway?

So now everyone's back in school and seemingly off to a good start. (Hey - the weather's on - it's only going to be 98 on Thursday on Friday. A cold spell!) are in school...what do each of you do with your days? I spent my first day running some errands, watching a movie, crocheting, and working. Tomorrow will be more productive. In all fairness, I'm crocheting a baby blanket for a girl in the office I transcribe for and I want to finish it this week, so it was practically like work. ;o)
One last pic for the road - DD#2 finally got her full cheer uniform. Funny - it doesn't look like it cost as much as we paid. Hmm....

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KaySimpson said...

Beautiful photos! At least you "got a smile" out of the girls. G refused! lol I'm glad you once again have the house to yourself!