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Sunday, August 12, 2007

One more week

How is it that there is only one more week of summer vacation left for my kids? Actually, DD#1 starts tomorrow, so her vacation is already over.

What happened to all of our summer plans?

...the cooking class I was going to teach DD#2 and her friend?

...the eCYBERMISSION projects we were going to get started on?

...the weekly swim date with friends?

...the zoo?

...a train ride to Hanford?

While we did have some good times, somehow this summer seems to have flown by faster than ever before.

If I was a mom that counted the days til the kids went back to school, perhaps I would feel happy that we're down to the last week.

Instead, we will try and pack as much fun in as we can, because by this time next week, they will be putting new pens and pencils in their backpacks and making PB&J sandwiches.

Enjoy every minute - the pages are flipping faster than I can quite keep up.

1 comment:

KaySimpson said...

I'm with you. This summer just disappeared like an ice cube on the sidewalk in Fresno's heat. Makes me sad, too.